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It’s Time to Take McNamara Seriously

For years, the Bishop McNamara Mustangs have been the laughing stock of the WCAC especially in basketball. In the past, McNamara has not been as successful as the powerhouse teams in the conference like, DeMatha, St. John’s, and Paul VI. This is season; McNamara is looking like they are trying to rewrite the past.

So far, the Mustangs are 11-4 and have a 4-2 record in conference play. During the last two weeks of December, McNamara went on a five game winning streak. One of their most notable wins during that winning streak was against National Christian where they won 75-71. Also the Mustangs beat St. John’s, one of the top teams in the WCAC. Despite St. John’s guard Anthony Cowan scoring 32 points on them; McNamara was able to stand strong against one of the top teams in the conference. Recently McNamara beat the defending WCAC champions, Paul VI Panthers 71-60.

Mustang’s senior, Jamir Moultrie has been a big part of the team’s success this season. This season, Moultrie leads the team in scoring with 17.1 points per game. He is also third in the conference in scoring, and three point field goals. In the wins against St. John’s and PVI, Jamir scored 23 points. He also scored a season high of 33 points against National Christian Academy. There is no question he has been a big help to the team.

This year’s McNamara team plays great team basketball. They work together well and get everyone involve. The Mustangs don’t rely on one or two players to carry the team. Their success comes from good team basketball.

One thing that has helped Bishop McNamara this year is the element of surprise. The Mustangs have not been a successful basketball team in the past. With a track record like McNamara, teams would sometimes overlook them and not take them seriously.

This season, McNamara is not a team that should be overlooked and it showed in the last two games against St. John’s and Paul VI. In the PVI game, the Panthers looked like they didn’t expect McNamara to play the way they did. The Mustangs played with a lot of intensity and knocked PVI out of the game early.

McNamara is off to one of its better starts, but the biggest question is if the team can continue to play consistent for the rest of the season. There have been times where McNamara play really well against good teams but won’t continue that level of play throughout the season. Playing consistent basketball for the rest of the season will be a major factor for the Mustangs as the season moves forward.

The way McNamara has played is a little surprising. They are quickly making a name for themselves as a threat in the WCAC. If the Mustangs continue to play the way have been playing, they will be a team to watch when it comes playoff time.


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