Durkin is confident in Borthenschlager’s ability to run the offense against Minnesota

Borthenschlager is the latest quarterback to start for Maryland.

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Ryan’s Top 5 DC Sports Athletes

On May 20th, some of the writers of the Washington Post made a list of their top five most popular DC sports athletes. With school officially over, I now have the time to make my list of the top five most popular DC sports athletes. If I was making my list based on how well the athletes play and their contribution to their team this would had been my top five players. Top 5 DC…

The pains of being a DC sports fan

It’s an honor to be a D.C. sports fan, but it is also painful. For the past few years the sports teams in Washington, D.C. has disappointed many of their beloved fans. It has gotten to the point where fans are starting to question the teams they root for. One of the biggest questions that go through a D.C. sports fan mind is; why can’t the teams be successful? What’s keeping them from being a…