Watch a video of DC sports recent playoff loses

This Twitter video sums up what’s it like being a DC Sports Fan

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Ian Desmond made a huge mistake while the Nationals escape from a bad investment

Washington Nationals shortstop, Ian Desmond, took the major league by storm in 2012 when he clubbed 25 HR which was the best among shortstops. After that season, Ian recorded three straight 20-20 seasons and was one of the top shortstops in the game. In 2013, the Nationals signed Desmond to a two year 17.5 million dollar deal but they wanted to lock up the All-Star a little longer. The Nationals offered Desmond a seven year…

Ryan’s Top 5 DC Sports Athletes

On May 20th, some of the writers of the Washington Post made a list of their top five most popular DC sports athletes. With school officially over, I now have the time to make my list of the top five most popular DC sports athletes. If I was making my list based on how well the athletes play and their contribution to their team this would had been my top five players. Top 5 DC…

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