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Why aren’t DeMatha football players going to Maryland?

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For the past few years, Maryland’s football program has not brought a lot of DeMatha football players to the school.

Former DeMatha cornerback Jordan Lomax ’11 was given an offer by Maryland but, he went to the University of Iowa instead.

Former DeMatha running back Taiwan Deal ’14 was given an offer by Maryland. Instead, he decided to go to the University of Wisconsin. Recently, DeMatha senior Tyler Green committed to Ohio State University instead of the Terps. Not only that DeMatha junior Shane Simmons, who was heavily recruited by the Terps, decided to pledge to Penn State.

DeMatha junior Lorenzo Harrison recently committed to Maryland; other than that, the last notable DeMatha football players to play for the Terp is former Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson and safety Kenny Tate.

Shane Simmons thinks DeMatha football players don’t go to Maryland because the school doesn’t keep a good connection with the players.

“University of Maryland doesn’t keep a connection with their athletes,” Simmons said. “They offer you a scholarship, but don’t keep in touch as much after that.”

A major factor could be the location of the University of Maryland. The two schools are ten minutes away from each other. Most DeMatha football players feel that they been here too long and want new experiences.


“I know Maryland has good traditions, but I want to get away from home,” Green said, “A lot of DeMatha guys don’t go to Maryland because it’s five minutes away from home. Most guys want to get away and experience new things.”

Former DeMatha football player Jordan Lomax (Iowa) said, “Personally, it was too close to home. I felt it was best for me to leave home and grow up.”

“DeMatha football players have seen enough of Maryland,” DeMatha sophomore Anthony McFarland said. “They want to see different things.”

Most would think DeMatha is the farm team for the University of Maryland. Maryland should be getting all the top players from DeMatha, but that’s not the case. Maryland has struggled to land DeMatha football players, but that might change.

Lorenzo Harrison’s commitment to Maryland may lead other Stags to follow in him.

“Lorenzo is a big influence to the school and the team,”Sophomore wide receiver Tino Ellis said. “His commitment may bring future DeMatha football players to Maryland.”

Maryland had its problems recruiting DeMatha football players in the past, but that doesn’t mean it will be like that in the future.

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