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Paul Pierce Is Making His Presence Known in Wizards Locker Room

Pierce and Wall
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Editor’s Note: Washington Wizards players were actually interviewed for this story

In the late stages of his career, there are questions on how well Paul Pierce will play for the Wizards when the team signed him to a two year deal during the off-season.

So far, it looks like the Pierce signing was a good thing for the Wizards. “The Truth” is averaging 13.2 points per game and 5.5 rebounds per game. In the Wizards win over the Milwaukee Bucks, Pierce tallied a double-double, 25 points and 10 rebounds.

The Wizards did not bring Pierce just to be an offensive help, but to be a veteran leader on the team. Pierce has spent a total of 16 seasons in the NBA. He has played in 148 playoffs game and led the Boston Celtics to a championship victory in 2008.

Pierce knows what it takes to win games, especially meaningful ones. He is using the experience he gain during his NBA career to lead a young, but talented Wizards team.

“Paul Pierce has been big for us,” Garrett Temple said. “The way he can score the ball and his leadership has been valuable.”

Wizards point guard John Wall reflected on how well Paul Pierce has helped the team.

“Paul came in talking, being another leader on the team,” Wall said.

One of the thing Pierce teaches the Wizards is the importance of home court advantage. It’s safe to say the team is benefiting from his teaching as the Wizards support a 5-2 at the Verizon Center.

The Wizards chemistry in the locker room and on the court is looking good so far. Pierce has shown the Wizards how important playing together as a team is.

“Paul has taught us how big chemistry is,” Temple said, “He is the guy that will grab people and pull them together and tell them, we are in this together.”

Paul Pierce has played in plenty of big games and had moments when things weren’t going his way. He has shown the Wizards to keep pushing forward even when the team is dealing with adversity.

“Paul teaches us to stay together through tough times even when you are dealing with adversity during the game,” Temple said.

It looks like Pierce has been a huge help for the Wizards to start the season, and the team hopes he can continue his production as the season moves on.

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