DeMatha’s Hockey Team Wants To Improve On Average Start

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The DeMatha’s Prep hockey team is ten games into the season. So far, the team has a record of 4-5-1. They are undefeated at home with a record of 3-0-1. Their road record on the other hand is something to be concern about. The team is 1-5 on the road, and they recently won their first road game of the season when they beat The University School (OH) 1-0 in a tournament. Prep’s start to the season is ok, but they look to be better.

“The season has gone average, only because we set the bar higher,” 13th year head coach Tony MacAulay said. He also stated, “As a group we know we underachieved, but the good news is that we are well on our way.”

Despite the slow start to the season, there are some good things to take away from the team. One thing is that the team is playing and coming together as a team. “It’s been a slow start to the season and we got things to figure out. Overall we are coming together as a team,” senior defenseman Sebastian Ulloa commented. Coach MacAulay said, “We are coming together as a group and we are learning how read off of one another.”

The seniors have played a key role this season. Players like Nick Keppler, Ryan Sneddon, and Ryan Sweeney have played big on the ice and being the leaders on the team. “Our senior leadership in guys like Ryan Sneddon, Nick Keppler, and Ryan Sweeney has been huge,” Coach Jiron said. He also commented, “The seniors are the backbone of the team.”

According to the coaches, there is some room for improvement. “We need to improve on our ability to get pucks through the net,” Coach MacAulay said. “We are sound defensively but if we get away from that we know as a group the wheels will start to fall off,” he said. Coach Jiron said, “We are putting in a new system that guys weren’t use to so, it’s a struggle getting through that but guys are taking it well.”

The team is still only ten games into the season but as the season moves along the competition will get tougher and things get more serious. “When the calendar turns to January, it’s going to be a whole different season,” MacAulay said. He also commented, “At that time, it will be the midpoint of the season. There are a lot points to be had in January and February.”

Not only that, during the months of January and February, they are playing tough teams like Calvert Hall, Mount Saint Joseph’s, who Prep beat 6-1 on November 21st, and Gonzaga, the team they lost to 4-1.

Even though Prep is a game under .500, the team still plans to get better. “We want to continue to improve every practice and every game, so that we are positioning ourselves at the right place and right time before the playoffs start.” The team wants to improve but their number one goal is to win the championship. Coach Jiron said, “Our number goal is to win a championship. That’s the only thing that matters and makes the season a success. Win a championship and make better hockey players.”

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