ITLR Top 25 college basketball rankings week six

Kentucky Wildcats take top spot in Week 6

  1. Kentucky
  2. Duke
  3. Louisville
  4. Virginia
  5. Arizona
  6. Villanova
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Texas
  9. Gonzaga
  10. Kansas
  11. Wichita State
  12. Washington
  13. Iowa State
  14. Utah
  15. Ohio State
  16. Oklahoma
  17. Notre Dame
  18. Maryland
  19. St. John’s
  20. Miami
  21. San Diego State
  22. Michigan State
  23. West Virginia
  24. UCLA
  25. North Carolina

In the hunt:  san diego st, west Virginia, Iowa , Seton Hall , Baylor , TCU , Colorado St, Arkansas , California, Michigan , Creighton, Virginia Commonwealth , LSU , NC State , Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, Davidson, Old dominion, NC state, Georgetown, Cal

Must see games of the week:

Wednesday: San Diego State at Cincinnati,  Tennessee at NC State

Thursday: UConn at Duke

Saturday: Butler at Indiana, West Virginia at NC State, North Carolina v. Ohio State, UCLA v. Kentucky, Syracuse at Villanova, Oklahoma at Washington

Sunday: Maryland at Oklahoma St

Monday: Wisconsin at California

Tuesday: Stanford at Texas

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