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Ryan’s Top Five Players In The WCAC

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I already wrote about who I thought were the top five point guards in the WCAC. In this article, I’m just going to get into the good stuff and give my list of the top five players in the WCAC. Like before, my list is not just based on the points they score. It’s mainly based on their overall production and how well they have benefited their team this season.

Honorable Mentions

Sam Miller (Gonzaga)

Corey Manigault (PVI)

DJ Harvey (DeMatha)

Ako Adams (Bishop O’Connell)

Bryant Crawford (Gonzaga)

1. Anthony Cowan Jr. (St. John’s) 

After scoring a career high of 40 points against Bishop O’Connell there was no question that Anthony will be number one on my list. This season has been a phenomenal season for the Maryland commit. He scored twenty points a game and he has led the Cadets to another successful season. The WCAC has seen its fair share of talented point guards and Anthony Cowan Jr. is just another one on the list.

2. VJ King (Paul VI)

This was a hard choice for me but in the end I had to go with the junior transfer from Ohio VJ King. In his first year with PVI, VJ has made a name for himself even though he already did so during his two years at St. Vincent Mary High School (Ohio). King has had a great season as he ended the season second in the conference in scoring with 18.4 ppg. He is a 6-7 forward with a long wingspan and amazing scoring ability. His has played a huge role in wins against DeMatha, Bishop O’Connell, and St. John’s. He has received a numerous offers from schools like Syracuse, Louisville, Arizona, and Kentucky. VJ will be the primary reason why PVI will be a threat during playoff time.

3. Markelle Fultz (DeMatha)

DeMatha’s junior guard has been one of the biggest surprises if not the biggest surprise in the WCAC this year. Markelle is playing his first year on the varsity squad, and he transitioned well from junior varsity to varsity. He is a great scorer as he is averages close to seventeen point’s a game and plays with a lot of energy. Fultz has got the nation’s attention as he is one of the top 60 players in the country. He also received offers from big name schools like Maryland, NC State, and Arizona. Fultz contribution to the Stags this year has been unreal. He has led them to a 25-3 record and helped them become one of the top teams in the country.

4. Franklin Howard (Paul VI)

After missing last season due to a torn ACL, senior Franklin Howard made returned to the court this season in a strong way. The future Syracuse Orange averaged 15 ppg and helped PVI end their season on a high note despite having an up and down year. Franklin also played a big role in the win against DeMatha as he recorded 15 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1 block. The way Franklin has played this year showed that he really recovered from his injury. Franklin has formed what I like to call a dynamic duo with VJ King. When those two are playing good basketball, PVI is tough team to beat no matter what their record is.

5. Jamir Moultrie (Bishop McNamara)

Concluding my list of the best players in the conference is McNamara’s sophomore point guard Jamir Moultrie. Jamir is one of the best scorers in the conference with 17.3 ppg. He is an unbelievable three point shooter and he has made a huge impact to the Mustangs this year. They are one of the top teams in the conference and will be a team to look out for in the playoffs. Moultrie’s impact to the team is the reason why I put him on my list.

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