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DeMatha’s Lacrosse Plagued With Injuries and Inexperience

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Standing with a 7-8 record for the season, DeMatha’s varsity lacrosse team is not the same team they were last season when they went 16-4. One of the biggest reasons for the sudden drop is injuries and lack of experience coming from the underclassmen.

“It’s been kind of rough,” senior Dylan Stein said as he described the overall season. “We had a lot of injuries,” Stein also said.The Stags had five seniors out due to injury, and one of the most notable players is senior Matt Brisolari. Matt been sidelined this whole lacrosse season due to injury.

“From day one coach said we have to face adversity. The adversity we had all year has been injuries,” senior Colin Peacock said. For Peacock, the injuries the team dealt with were sort of way for the team to grow and work harder. “Basically it made us work harder to get in shape and to make sure when you get on the field, you are ready to play,” Peacock stated.

Besides injuries, another thing the team had problems with was lack of experience. DeMatha had a lot of seniors on the team last year but, this year they only had six. And when some of the seniors were hurt, the juniors and underclassmen had to step up to fill those roles.  “This year we had six seniors on the team compared to last year where we had thirteen,” senior Dylan Stein said. Stein also commented, “The seniors last year really held the team together. This year was more about the juniors and underclassmen bringing the team together.”

Another thing that’s different between the two seasons is the goals the team scored a game. Last year the team averaged about 10.1 goals a game compared to this year where they averaged 7.7 goals a game. According to Dylan Stein the reason for the drop was players playing new roles and senior leadership. “Different guys playing different positions,” Stein said. “Last year, we had a lot more senior leadership, and that definitely helped out on the offensive side.”

The early part of the season was a real struggle for the Stags. They went 3-7 in their first ten games and at one point the team was on a five game losing streak. But despite the slow start, DeMatha has picked up the pace as of late. The is on a four game winning streak with a chance to close out the season on a five game win streak if they beat St. Mary’s Ryken on Tuesday. For Dylan Stein one of the biggest reasons for the sudden hot streak is that the team is bonding together. “We are really getting there and bonding together as a team,” Stein said.

Even though the team is ending the season strong, there is still room for improvement. “We need to move the ball more and stop being selfish,” Senior Michael Bigelow said. Colin Peacock believes if the team wants to get better they have to, “We have to improve on our passion for the game. Play as a team and as a unit.”

With the playoffs coming up, the Stags will have to step up their game and play with the same momentum they are playing with as they end the season. “We have to work hard and work on our ball movement,” Bigelow said. He added, “We have to find our weaknesses and don’t underestimate our opponents.”

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