Highlights tapes are a key asset to recruiting

Photo Courtesy: http://www.hudl.com

In high school, having a highlight tape for any sport played is essential for advancing to the college level. No matter what sport it is, a highlight tape shows the player’s talents and abilities to college scouts. Before offering potential athletes scholarships to their schools, college coaches need to know what the student can bring to the table.

In the early 2000’s, making a highlight tape was not easy at all. Back then, camera quality had not progressed to what it is now; even if someone did record a game, the footage would often turn out blurry. Another issue back then was whether the recorder of the video was skilled enough to capture the whole play, and not miss something by pointing the camera into the ground. The biggest challenge back then was trying to put the highlight tape together.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.hudl.com

Today though there is a website called Hudl where a person can store the whole game and mark the highlights from that game. About ten years ago there was no Hudl website, and athletes took hours and hours to put together their highlight tapes. “Without having a highlight, I don’t think I would have all of the offers and opportunities that have been given to me,” said junior defensive end Chase Young.

Today, athletes have no excuses for not putting together a highlight tape. It is no longer strenuous work because with Hudl, the company pretty much makes the highlight tape for the player. All that the player has to do is choose the plays to be highlighted while on the Hudl website, and the Hudl automatically puts together a highlight tape.

Without a highlight tape, a college scout wants nothing to do with that athlete because he or she is bringing nothing to the table. For instance, any person on this planet could say that he is the best fullback in the country, but without film to back up that statement, it’s pretty much as if that person wasted his breath. All high school athletes should put together a highlight tape for themselves so that they can get to the next level of their sport. Making a tape is essential for any athlete regardless of the sport played.

-Andrew Robertson

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