Luca Fazio puts his golden foot to good use

Luca Fazio is a senior at DeMatha, and playing soccer is nothing new to him. But this year Elijah Brooks, head football coach of DeMatha’s varsity football team, asked Luca to attend tryouts to be the kicker for the team. He went to tryouts, and the coaching staff decided that he had the skill and drive to help the team win games, so he they gave him a roster spot as the starting kicker.

There are many adjustments that have to be made from kicking in soccer to kicking in football. “The [football] is a lot heavier, and the wind is more of a factor when kicking in football than in soccer,” said Luca. He also has to rely on his teammates more in order to be successful in football. If the holder messes up, it’s pretty hard for him to perform at his best; whereas in soccer he has more control over whether he scores or not. If he dribbles by his defender in soccer, there is only one man between him and the goal, but in football there are eleven guys every time trying to stop him from scoring the field goal or extra point.

Even though it is a challenge to get to both practices, he doesn’t use that as an excuse not to go. “I go from soccer straight to football, and I have about thirty minutes in between to get to football practice.” He feels much more pressure during football games, in part because he has more experience playing soccer than football. DeMatha’s football team is presently ranked 12th in the nation according to MaxPreps Xcellent 25 computer rankings list, so the legacy is a lot to live up to. His first game as kicker was against Miami Central Rockets and aired on ESPN, so he was very nervous about that.

-Elijah Klopp, DeMatha Stagline staff writer

The DeMatha Stagline is the official student newspaper of DeMatha Catholic High School


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