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Lorenzo Harrison Discusses His Transition from the Football Field to the Baseball Diamond

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DeMatha’s junior Lorenzo Harrison is known by most as the speedy running back of the DeMatha football team. After helping the football team win back to back championships, the University of Maryland commit decided this spring he will skip football workouts and hit the baseball field to play for the DeMatha varsity baseball team.

“I was going to play sophomore year but I got hurt, so I decided to come out junior year,” Lorenzo said.

Harrison is plays infielder and he is a designated hitter on the team. Lorenzo hasn’t played baseball since his time playing for the Southern Maryland Knights two years ago, so for Harrison this season is more like getting a feel for the game once again.  “It’s been pretty good. It’s a lot different from Little League,” Lorenzo said describing his feelings on playing baseball. He also stated, “It’s more intense. The speeds of the pitcher are a lot faster.”

Lorenzo made his DeMatha baseball debut as a DH in the first game of the season when the team lost to Georgetown Prep 15-9. In that game Lorenzo went 1-3, a double, 3 RBI, and two stolen bases. “I was a little nervous. I was relax but a little nervous since it was my first time hitting in two or three years,” Lorenzo said reflecting on his first game in a DeMatha baseball uniform.

Every player has their strengths and weaknesses, no one is perfect. Since this is Lorenzo’s first time playing baseball in a good amount of time, he knows the things he is good at and things he has to work on. “My strength is probably my speed,” Lorenzo said. “My speed helps me pick up ground balls quicker in the infield and steal bases.”

Without a doubt, Lorenzo greatest asset is his speed. During the 2014 football season, Lorenzo ran for 700 total yards and 9 touchdowns. Harrison’s speed will keep pitchers in the WCAC cautious when he is on base.

One thing, Lorenzo is having difficulties doing is hitting. In the first six games of the season, Harrison bat has not made a lot of noise. So far, Harrison has a .071 batting average and only recorded 1 hit. In the last five games, Lorenzo has been hitless and he had struck out nine times. “My biggest is my biggest weakness because I haven’t seen pitching speeds like this before. I got to get my speeds down as far as hitting,” Harrison said.

Playing for DeMatha’s baseball team, Lorenzo has seen the difference between sittings on the sidelines of a football game compared to being in the dugout of a baseball game. According to Harrison, “Baseball is more relax than football. In football, there is a lot more yelling and it’s more intense. You have to give your 110% all the time, but in baseball you have to relax and chill out.”

Besides adjusting to the game of baseball, Lorenzo has to adjust to his new coaches and teammates but so far it’s going well. “The teammates are cool. We all get along well and they are very supportive of you,” Lorenzo said. “The coaches are really knowledgeable of the game and they know how to help you on things you need to work on.”

During the football season, Lorenzo announced he will be going to the University of Maryland and play football there when he graduates from DeMatha next year. Now Lorenzo has added a second sport, the question now is whether he will he plays baseball when he goes to Maryland? “I thought about it, but I will have to see how my last two years at DeMatha goes baseball wise,” Lorenzo said.

A player that has been teammates with on both football and baseball is senior outfielder Thomas Barringer. One thing Thomas had to say about Lorenzo is, “He almost has to relearn the sport since he hasn’t played it in a number of years. It’s something that is very difficult especially with the game of baseball. Since it takes a lot of skills that you need to keep sharp.”

Barringer  was amazed to see how focused and how quickly Lorenzo has adjust to the playing baseball. “He is really focus. He wants to be the best player he can be,” Thomas said. Another comment Barringer made about Lorenzo was, “He adjusted to the game pretty well. He adjusted better than I thought.”

For most, seeing Lorenzo on the baseball field instead of the football field will take some getting used to but expect this not to be a one and one done thing. Lorenzo made it clear that he plans to play baseball next season.

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