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Seton’s Erica Hawkins Is A Prime Example Of A Student-Athlete

Elizabeth Seton senior Erica Hawkins practically has done almost every sport in the books. Basketball, freshmen soccer, and swimming, Erica Hawkins has done it all. But out of all the sports she has played, softball is where her heart lies.

“I have played softball since the sixth grade,” Hawkins said. “I started playing tee ball, and I wanted another activity to keep it going.”

Erica is a prime example of a model athlete. She works hard at improving herself as player and knows what it takes to get better. “I like working out on the weekends with my dad. During the summer, the fall, and the winter,” Hawkins commented. “I’m always working to stay competitive because if you are not working someone else is and getting better than you.

Hawkins is entering her last year in high school which means this will be her last year on the Elizabeth Seton softball team. During her time as a Roadrunner, Erica played pitcher and outfielder. “I like pitching because it focuses on you,” Erica said.

As her senior year is winding down, Erica looks back at being a part of Seton’s softball team. “It’s kind of like a school atmosphere, it’s very homey. Everyone cares for each other,” Hawkins said describing her team.

A team works well when the players and coaches are on the same page. “We all have that one common goal and we all want to win and get better,” Erica stated. “The coaches know how to have fun but still know how to get serious. They get us focus and make us better.”

One of the biggest things that make team good is team chemistry. A team can do wondrous things when they have good chemistry. And according to Erica Seton softball team is filled with great chemistry. “The players are fun. They all want to be there, and they all want to get better. We push each other to get better.”

Everyone has a reason for doing the things they do in life. There is always something that drives or motivates that person. For Erica, the passion for the game motivates her to work hard and be the best.

Sports isn’t just an activity, it helps a person work with people and help them learn more about themselves. Erica believes playing sports at Seton has helped her out tremendously. “It helped build my character. Helped me learn who I am and be happy with who I am.”

After a month filled with cold weather and snow, spring is finally here and softball is in full swing. Erica has a lot of expectations for the team this season. “Make it to the championship,” Erica said. “We have thirteen girls that are good enough and can all play,” Hawkins also said.

Another one of Erica expectations this season is to beat some of the competitive teams in the conference like St. Mary’s Ryken and Bishop O’Connell. O’Connell will be a tough team to beat because they are one of the top 25 softball teams in the nation.

Erica’s softball career doesn’t end when she graduates. She plans to continue playing softball when she goes to college.

Erica has shown what it takes to be a student-athlete and expect great things to happen to her in the future.

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