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DeMatha Football team got the last laugh after 40-0 victory over St. John’s

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Before the big DeMatha versus St. John’s game, there was a lot of trash talking by the Cadets. St. John’s went into the game thinking that they were going to upset one of the nations best high school football program but, in the end DeMatha had the last word. The Stags silenced St. John’s by beating them 40-0. In addition to the victory, the DeMatha football team took to Twitter to tell the defeated Cadets to never disrespect them.

This was a tweet from St. John’s Booster Club before the game.

Another tweet from St. John’s Booster Club quoting Cadets’ senior linebacker Aaron Hansford.

And you can’t forget the so-called hype video that was created.

Here is some of the tweets from DeMatha football players after the victory.

Senior Tino Ellis had two interceptions, a fumble recovery and a block punt.



Here is a tweet from senior defensive end Shane Simmons.




DeMatha wide receiver Kellon Taylor had a big game as he had for 115 receivng yards. Quarterback Beau English threw for 312 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception. Lorenzo Harrison ran the ball for 98  yards on 18 attempts. Anthony McFarland had 85 receiving yards including an 80 yard  touchdown. The Stags defense was strong yet again. This was the second straight game DeMatha’s defense didn’t allow their opponent to score a single point.


It’s been 23 years since the Cadets beat DeMatha and the wait will still continue.

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  1. SJC was trippin’ when they made their schedule for the year. I know that they were expecting good things this year because they have two head coaches and all of that, but making DeMatha the homecoming game was a dumb move. All of the UnderArmor in the world wasn’t going to save the Cadets against the Stags.


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