Despite rumors about Randy Edsall, Dwayne Haskins is still “100 percent committed to Maryland”

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Recently, there have been reports of the University of Maryland firing football head coach Randy Edsall after the upcoming game against No. 1 Ohio State. Even though Edsall may be departing, it doesn’t change quarterback Dwayne Haskins mind about Maryland.

“I’m still 100 percent committed,” Haskins told WUSA channel 9 in an interview. The four-star quarterback out of Bullis School is one of the team’s top committed prospect. In his senior year, Haskins has thrown for 906 yards, nine touchdowns, and two interceptions.

When the reports about Randy Edsall came up, Dwayne was a little shocked. “I felt kind of surprised,” Haskins said. Edsall played a big role in recruiting Haskins but Dwayne did tell WUSA channel 9 that he picked Maryland for more than football. “I have a strong relationship with the University as a whole. If they chose to fire him, I’m will still be content with the university because I love that place,” Haskins said.

Dwayne told WUSA channel 9 that he has contacted the other committed players to see if they were still committed to the college. “I hit all the recruits up making sure they are committing and why they committed in the first place.” He also added, “He [Edsall] hasn’t been fired yet but if he does just remember why you committed?”

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