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Two-sport athlete Tyler Holley will stick to football at Morgan State

After Tyler Holley spent his high school career playing two sports, he just wants to focus on football at Morgan State.

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Tyler Holley, a two-sport standout at Perry Hall High School has been playing basketball and football since his freshman year. He plans to make the transition from basketball to football for the collegiate level at Morgan State University this fall.

“I was just looking for the best opportunity for me regardless of the sport,” Holley said. “The best offer was for me to go to Morgan State and play football and I’m excited for the opportunity.”

Holley joins a 20-player recruiting class that is coming to Morgan to play for under head coach Ernest Jones. He will also be joining high school teammate, Xavier Gravette, who committed to the Bears.

Holley played quarterback for Perry Hall. In his first four games of his senior year, he threw for 1,222 yards. Holley would go on to finish the season with 34 touchdowns passes. He was Baltimore County Player of the Year and he holds the school’s all-time passing record.

Holley didn’t receive any basketball scholarship offers finishing his senior season with the Gators, but he did receive multiple football offers.

“He had interest from schools for basketball but every time coaches would ask what sport he is going to play on the next level, it wasn’t a decision yet,” assistant basketball coach Lawrence Pettis said.

Pettis has been coaching Holley since he came to Perry Hall his freshman year. Pettis said he knew it was something special about him the first time he seen Holley.

“I remember when he came in with all bones but he had a lot of heart,” Pettis said. “He progressed over the years in every aspect of his game.”

Holley was a three-year varsity point guard for the Gators. He helped Perry Hall to three consecutive regional championships and two state championships.

“When we won our second championship, it just felt like our first one all over again,” Holley said. “It just felt amazing.”

He averaged 12.5 points per game during the 2017-2018 state playoffs at the University of Maryland.

Cameron Wheeler, who played football and basketball with Holley at Perry Hall, said Holley was a leader on the field and the court.

“He knows how to make plays when nobody else can, you can count on him when it matters the most,” Wheeler said. “He is our coach on the court and you don’t have to tell him to play hard he’s just going to do it.”

James Rider, who was Holley’s basketball teammate in 2016,  said Holley always had a tough mentality since they were little.

“He doesn’t give a damn where you came from, how old you are, or what you’re known for. If you are in his way, he is coming at you,” Rider said. “Tyler is like a brother to me. He is a great person, kind, funny, and spreads good vibes to all of us. He just gets after it on the court, the field, and in the classroom.”

Holley’s first collegiate football game with Morgan State will be on Sept. 1 against Towson University.

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