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Boston Celtics wins Draft Lottery; will they pick Fultz?

There are plenty of directions the Celtics could go with the first pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Fultz (Seattle Times)
Washington guard Markelle Fultz has expressed interest in playing for Boston. (Photo Courtesy: Seattle Times)

Right after the Boston Celtics beat the Washington Wizards in game seven of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the organization with a promising future picked up another win as they nabbed the first overall pick in the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday.

The Celtics, who received the 2017 first-round pick from the Brooklyn Nets via trade, entered the draft lottery with the best chance at getting the top pick. The Los Angeles Lakers will pick second in the draft, while the Sixers holds onto the third pick.

The Celtics will go into the draft, which will be held on June 22, with plenty of options. They could draft Markelle Fultz, who is the top prospect in the draft, UCLA’s Lonzo Ball or Kansas’ Josh Jackson. Each of those players could work well in the Celtics’ system.

However, the Celtics could try to trade the top pick in the draft to get an establish veteran such as Jimmy Butler or Paul George.

If the Celtics decide to keep the first pick, Fultz seems to be a good fit. He will pair up well with Isaiah Thomas since he can play on-and-off the ball.

Fultz expressed interest in playing alongside Thomas, who is a former Washington Huskie.

“Me and Isaiah Thomas would be a great backcourt,” Fultz told CSNNE. “I think the opportunity that would be there would be amazing, just for him to play off the ball, where I think he’s better at it, or him to play on the ball and I can play off the ball. I think the chemistry would be amazing.”

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